Duration single session 45 minutes session / Cost € 105.00

Duration relation therapy 90 minutes session / Cost € 210.00

Duration EMDR session 90 minutes session / Cost € 210.00


Cost's for trainings vary - please call 0228 52 08 82


I have contracts with all medical insurance companies (via our network - CENZO & 1np) in the Netherlands which means that in most cases your insurer will reimburse you for part of your cost's. In 2016 every one has atleast 12 sessions in their basic medical insurance package. Depending on your package you might have more sessions included, please contact your insurance company for details.  

If your insurance company will pay,  than you will have to pay the first € 385,00 (own risk) per year for total health costs for the year.



In case you want to cancel your appointment please call 0228 520 882 and speak in the answering machine atleast 48 hours before your appointment. Late cancellations and no shows for whatever the reason will be billed (€ 105,00).